PL Webinars

Number Bonds: The Foundation of Number Sense (K-5)

Composing and decomposing numbers is a critical component of number sense. Webinar participants will explore how number bonds support K-5 learners by utilizing the concrete-pictorial-abstract progression of learning. We’ll also share strategies to develop flexible, fluid learning by using number bonds daily in number talks, problem-solving, and fact fluency exercises.


Solving Word Problems with Tape Diagrams (Gr 3-6)

This free webinar led by the teacher-writers of Eureka Math/EngageNY Math explains how the tape diagram model supports solving word problems.


Learning Slope via Rate Not Rate (Gr 7-12)

The concept of slope is a mystery to many students. Building a foundation for understanding slope begins with establishing concrete knowledge of rates, ratios, proportional relationships, and similarity. By introducing slope as a rate, particularly a unit rate, the real meaning and relevance of slope emerge. This session examines these foundations to deepen participants’ understanding of slope and empowers them to support a coherent transition from middle school to high school mathematics.

Updated April 28, 2021 10:02am