Supporting English Learners in Content-Area Standards

Lesson Examples

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Standard: LA 10.1.6.a
Teacher Strategy: Close Reading
Grade band: K12-34-5, 6-89-12

Standard: LA 10.1.6.d
Teacher Strategy: Something Happened, But, So
Grade band: K12-34-56-89-12

Standard: LA 10.1.6.i
Teacher Strategy: QAR
Grade band: K12-34-56-89-12

Standard: LA 10.2.1.b
Teacher Strategy: Writing Organizer
Grade band: 12-34-56-89-12

Standard: LA 10.2.1.d
Teacher Strategy: Accordion Paragraphing
Grade band: K2-34-5

Standard: LA 10.2.2.e
Teacher Strategy: Sentence Imitation
Grade band: 2-3 4-5,  6-8,  9-12

Standard: LA 10.3.3.c
Teacher Strategy: Four Corners
Grade band: K,  1,  2-3,  4-5,  6-8,  9-12

Standard: LA 10.3.3.d
Teacher Strategy: iChart
Grade band: 2-3 4-5,  6-8,  9-12

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