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Guiding Questions

Creating the Profile

  • What does research say about effective instructional strategies?
  • Does the daily instructional planning in your school and classrooms reflect academic support for the diverse populations of students in all of our Nebraska schools?
  • What does research say about effective professional development? What types of professional development are available for the teachers and administrators in your school that will improve knowledge and expertise related to research-based instructional strategies?
  • Are teachers familiar with, and are they consistently using, research-based instructional strategies as they plan and implement daily instruction in their classrooms? Considering the academic achievement of your students, are the strategies utilized effective?
  • Is there consistency across grade-levels, classrooms, and courses in the selection, teaching, and use of specific strategies that will increase achievement for students?
  • Have you identified and utilized the connections across various programs offered in your district/school to increase learning opportunities for students?

Setting the Goals

  • What supports are needed to maintain current levels of success across buildings, grade levels, and classrooms? How often should areas of strength be monitored to insure maintaining present levels of success?
  • Will selected goals enhance academic learning for all students?
  • Do selected goals reflect the consensus of all staff in order to insure their implementation?
  • Are selected goals consistent across all levels and classes PreK-12and adapted appropriately to reflect the level and ability of all students?
  • Do instructional strategies that are presently utilized engagestudents in learning?

Planning to Improve

  • Which instructional strategies will teachers utilize PreK-12? Why were these selected?
  • How will the implementation of these strategies look across all grade levels PreK-12?
  • How will you support teachers as they learn about and teach using research-based instructional strategies?
  • What materials or resources are needed to support this improvement goal?
  • What evidence or data should be kept by students, teachers, and administrators to show whether or not the implementation of selected instructional strategies is making a difference in the academic achievement of all students in your school?
  • Do selected goals include a plan for professional development that includes all staff – including administrators? Is there adequate time and are relevant resources available for learning about selected research-based instructional strategies?

Implementing the Plan

  • Are all teachers implementing the selected instructional strategies?
  • Is the implementation of your plan making a difference in student achievement? Does collected data reflect improved achievement for all students?
  • Are teachers knowledgeable and confident regarding the implementation of research-based instructional strategies in their classrooms?
  • Are students using instructional strategies at all age levels and in all classrooms as tools for learning?
  • Does your plan need to be revised based on data collected? How will the revision process work in your district or building? How will all staff be involved in the revision process?


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