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Creating the Profile: Guiding Questions

  • What does research say about effective instructional strategies?
  • Does the daily instructional planning in your school and classrooms reflect academic support for the diverse populations of students in all of our Nebraska schools?
  • What does research say about effective professional development? What types of professional development are available for the teachers and administrators in your school that will improve knowledge and expertise related to research-based instructional strategies?
  • Are teachers familiar with, and are they consistently using, research-based instructional strategies as they plan and implement daily instruction in their classrooms? Considering the academic achievement of your students, are the strategies utilized effective?
  • Is there consistency across grade-levels, classrooms, and courses in the selection, teaching, and use of specific strategies that will increase achievement for students?
  • Have you identified and utilized the connections across various programs offered in your district/school to increase learning opportunities for students?
Updated April 19, 2018 10:57am