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A Message from the Commissioner

Welcome to Nebraska’s school improvement toolkit.

We think you and your colleagues will find this toolkit most valuable as you look for new ways to integrate and connect your existing school improvement activities with new resources and tools to better assure continuous school improvement. This toolkit was developed to help you build on areas of excellence and to improve areas of low performance, based on research that tells us about Effective Schools.

The toolkit is dynamic. In other words, the web site will be updated with new resources and refined as we hear from you about how we can make it more useful.

This is our Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). The CIP model was developed with the help of many people and is a collection of resources and tools aimed at creating an effective, streamlined process that requires your leadership and the involvement of your staff and those outside your classroom walls.

Several areas essential to all high-performing schools – Instructional Strategies, PreK-12 Curriculum Alignment, and Family and Community Engagement – have received special attention. Presented as Topic Guides for CIP Plans, each topic can be integrated into the CIP process or used alone as the basis of an improvement effort.

Critical elements have been identified to help you work through each phase of the Continuous Improvement Process. Samples, materials and resources are provided.

If you have areas or schools with low-performance, we know you are looking for immediate answers and solutions. We think you will find those answers in this toolkit.

As you begin to explore the toolkit and work toward continuous improvement, please note the easy access to the state’s accreditation rule, Rule 10, as well as requirements for improvement efforts and plans from other programs, through the column on the left.

We think the tools in this kit will be most helpful to you and your colleagues. As you work with it, let us know what you think.

As always, the Nebraska Department of Education staff is available to help you as we all work toward higher learning for our students.

Updated April 19, 2018 10:57am