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Creating the Profile: Guiding Questions

  • Is there formalized written curriculum for PreK-12 in all content areas (required in Rule 10)?
  • Does curriculum align to the local vision and mission?
  • Are all instructional staff familiar with the horizontal and vertical alignment of their specific content area(s) to the district’s curriculum?
  • Is there dedicated time for instructional staff to become familiar with the horizontal and vertical alignment of their specific content area(s)?
  • Is curriculum aligned to the Nebraska State Standards or approved local standards?
  • Is curriculum aligned to the Nebraska Essential Learnings for all content areas?
  • Is the curriculum aligned to the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines?
  • Is curriculum reviewed and revised at regular intervals ( Rule 10)?
  • Does the district have a designated model of curriculum alignment?
  • Are decisions about curriculum and instruction based on data- and research-analysis?
  • Does the curriculum challenge each student to excel, reflecting a commitment to equity and demonstrating an appreciation of diversity?
  • Does curriculum actively involve students in 21st Century skills, i.e. higher-order thinking, problem solving, etc.?
  • Does a system exist for implementing intervention to help students meet expectations for student learning?
  • Is curriculum articulated to ensure P-16 student performance and readiness for employment?
  • Does the curriculum implement technology and media?
  • Are there current local board policies that affect curriculum decisions?
  • Is there a process in place for families and community partners to provide input into the curriculum alignment process?
  • What are best practices for the development, review and revision of formalized written curriculum that is aligned to the district vision and mission?
Updated April 19, 2018 10:57am