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Creating the Profile: Guiding Questions

  • What does research say about effective family and community engagement?
  • Why is it important to engage all families and community in support of education?
  • The National PTA has developed standards for family involvement. How is your school currently performing with families and communities in reference to these standards?
  • What current practices of the school reflect effective collaboration among families and community?
  • Do teachers, family, and community share common expectations regarding support for families? (example: building trusting relationships, linking families and community to school, developing leadership among family and community members).


  • Have surveys and interviews of families, staff, and community been conducted?
  • Were the survey responses representative?
  • What types of services are being provided to support families?
  • In school?
  • In community?
  • The following are some specific questions to be considered for analysis.
    • What is known about your FAMILIES?
      • % working
      • % single parents
      • % grandparents or other
      • % children & families living in poverty
      • % cultural, ethnic, racial, linguistic diversity
      • % mobility or homeless
    • What is known about your COMMUNITY(IES)?
      • Economic factors (% agricultural, % professional, % industrial/technical, climate)
      • Social foundation (service clubs, community organizations)
      • Human services
      • Leadership
      • Inventory of community strengths/needs
      • Demographics


Updated April 19, 2018 1:23pm