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Creating the Profile: Guiding Questions

  • What does research say about effective family and community engagement?
  • Why is it important to engage all families and community in support of education?
  • The National PTA has developed standards for family involvement. How is your school currently performing with families and communities in reference to these standards?

Reaching Out to Diverse Populations

The Transition to Kindergarten: A Review of Current Research and Promising Practices to Involve Families

Special Considerations for Middle and High Schools p.234- School, Family & Community Partnerships Handbook for Action, third edition, by J. L. Epstein et al, 2009. Corwin Press.

  • What current practices of the school reflect effective collaboration among families and community?
  • Do teachers, family, and community share common expectations regarding support for families? (example: building trusting relationships, linking families and community to school, developing leadership among family and community members).

The "Missing Piece of the Proficiency Puzzle" (Kentucky Department of Education)





Helping Parents Communicate Better With Schools

Focus on Effectiveness Classroom Examples - Middle School Homework Policies


  • Have surveys and interviews of families, staff, and community been conducted?
  • Were the survey responses representative?
  • What types of services are being provided to support families?
  • In school?
  • In community?
  • The following are some specific questions to be considered for analysis.
    • What is known about your FAMILIES?
      • % working
      • % single parents
      • % grandparents or other
      • % children & families living in poverty
      • % cultural, ethnic, racial, linguistic diversity
      • % mobility or homeless
    • What is known about your COMMUNITY(IES)?
      • Economic factors (% agricultural, % professional, % industrial/technical, climate)
      • Social foundation (service clubs, community organizations)
      • Human services
      • Leadership
      • Inventory of community strengths/needs
      • Demographics

Parent Engagement Electronic Tool Kit