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Implementing the Plan

Aligning Improvement Plans and Activities

Technology planning serves as part of the overall continuous improvement planning process (CIP), specifically aimed at the technology needs of the organization, and is used as part of documentation for accreditation.

The Nebraska Department of Education provides an online technology planning tool. The form provides the organization with documentation and data that can be used for continuous improvement planning, budgeting, and evaluation and also serves to collect data that the state must report for federal requirements.  This data collection is to be completed by all Public Districts, and is available to Non Public Districts, Special Purpose Schools (State-Operated) and Educational Service Units. 

The online technology planning tool also serves in meeting FCC regulations for Erate which requires a certified plan for Priority 2 funding.  The Plan is organized to assist organizations in preparing and retaining needed documentation for Priority 1 & 2 funding that may be needed in case of audit.  The online technology planning tool is a catalyst for CIP but may not contain all of the elements that the organization desires to include as part of its overall plan.

NDE Tech Plan Approval – The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) reviews and certifies technology plans.  Completing all of the sections within the online instrument allows NDE to receive the plan in a format consistent with technology plan elements specified by the FCC. Neither NDE nor the Tech Plan approver is responsible for Technology Plan content.  

Collection Dates: The Plan will open on July 1 and is due on or before February 1 annually and should be written to cover the subsequent year(s) activities.  The collection will be open year around for viewing.

Access information about the online tech plan at this URL: 

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