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Professional Development

This section of the CIP Toolkit, Professional Development, is intended to support the overall Comprehensive Improvement Process (CIP). Teacher quality is a key factor influencing student academic achievement. Teachers, like any other professionals, must stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields to continually increase their effectiveness. the information and resources provided aim to help schools and districts incorporate high quality professional development into the overall continuous improvement efforts.

It is crucial that professional development be connected with the school improvement process. This can include whole staff activities, local learning teams, individual work, and other related activities. A professional development coordinating committee or a combination of other local committees or the School Improvement Steering committee may be responsible for developing this aspect of your plan.

Guiding Questions

  • How do the following impact student learning:
    • Teachers providing instruction out of endorsed area?
    • Upcoming retirements?
    • Staff attrition rates and patterns?
  • Do you develop leadership from within to build your future administration?
  • What type of mentorship or induction program do you provide as support for first year teachers and new hires?
  • Does your school utilize a training needs assessment tool to guide professional development planning?
  • Does your educational staff participate in professional organizations specific to their area of expertise or other learning networks?
  • Does your staff ethnically mirror your student/community population?
  • Is your staff ethnically diverse?
  • Does your agency have a professional development plan?
  • Does your school continuous improvement plan address professional development that supports your CIP goals?

Websites and Other Resources

Professional Development


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