Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD)

In partnership with the Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform (CEEDAR), the Council for Exceptional Children has developed and published a set of High Leverage Practices (HLPs) for special educators and teacher candidates.

High Leverage Practices


Getting Started - Logging into ILCD 3.0

Getting Started - Logging Into ILCD 3.0 - With Audio Descriptions

Navigation Tips and Tricks

Navigation Tips and Tricks - With Audio Descriptions

Covid -19

Covid -19 - With Audio Descriptions

TSI/ATSI Information

TSI/ATSI Information - With Audio Descriptions

Submitting the TIP

Submitting the TIP - With Audio Descriptions

Identify the Connections

Identify the Connections - With Audio Descriptions

Uploading Plans and Data

Uploading Plans and Data - With Audio Descriptions

Data Summary

Data Summary - With Audio Descriptions


Strengths - With Audio Descriptions


Challenges - With Audio Descriptions

Describing the Infrastructure

Describing the Infrastructure - With Audio Descriptions

Focus for Improvement

Focus for Improvement - With Audio Descriptions

Goal and Targets

Goal and Targets - With Audio Descriptions

Student-Centered Evidence-Based Practice

Student-Centered Evidence-Based Practice - With Audio Descriptions

Professional Development and Supporting Staff

Professional Development and Supporting Staff - With Audio Descriptions

Measuring Implementation

Measuring Implementation - With Audio Descriptions

Describe Implementation

Describe Implementation - With Audio Descriptions

Evaluation Adjustments

Evaluation Adjustments - With Audio Descriptions

2022-2023 Regional T.I.P. Trainings

NDE SPED Regional T.I.P. Training 9.15.2022

Journey to Improvement - The Targeted Improvement Plan Monthly Tips & Pointers

October 2022

It is October!! The end of the first quarter is here. This is the ideal time to pull your Continuous Improvement team together and look at your data from this quarter.

What should teams be doing?
Start gathering your data from the Fall assessments.
Study the Data and find your baseline.
Talk about your projections for the Spring assessments. Where do you want your students to be in the spring?
Open ILCD and add information to the website that you have gathered this fall.

Please visit the following links to refer to as you review this quarter’s data:
TIP Guidance/Videos/Webinars
ILCD Website

Please contact Darsha Pelland ( for further information.

Updated October 25, 2022 5:49pm