Early Childhood Special Education Services

2022 OSEP Reporting for Nebraska Early Childhood

Using TS GOLD to Generate OSEP Reports

NDE ECSE OSEP Reporting Webinar
2022 OSEP Reporting Handouts for TS GOLD

To request additional support, please contact Heather Ottoson at heather.ottoson@nebraska.gov OR Ginny Howard at ginny.howard@nebraska.gov

Nebraska Technical Assistance Part B Preschool Guidance Document

NETA B Preschool Guidance Document

Nebraska Department of Education - Department of Health and Human Services Early Intervention

Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE)


Transitioning to Kindergarten for Preschool Children with Disabilities

Resource Documents and Links

Nebraska Transition to Kindergarten Toolkit and Resource Guide

The Nebraska Transition to Kindergarten Toolkit and Resource Guide is for families, school district leadership and kindergarten teachers, and early childhood care and education (ECCE) providers and administrators. This toolkit presents a common understanding of developmentally appropriate expectations and practices that support continuity in transitions for young children. Research-based activities, strategies, and resources specific to families, schools, and ECCE providers are outlined to support the transition into kindergarten for young children.

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A Family Guide To Early Childhood Transitions: Birth to Kindergarten

Helping Children With Special Needs Transition to Kindergarten

Making the Move From Preschool to Kindergarten

Transitioning from Early Childhood Special Education to Kindergarten

Transitioning from Preschool Special Education to Kindergarten

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