Nebraska Results Driven Accountability (RDA)

The Nebraska Results Driven Accountability page includes documents, links and/or information to assist users in understanding the goals and activities related to the shift from compliance to outcomes for students with disabilities. 

Infographic of RDA for Part B

RDA Stakeholder PowerPoint — October 2017

Nebraska’s RDA Stakeholder Membership

Part C Early Intervention
Part C RDA Update (March 2015)
Nebraska Indicator C11/SSIP – Phase I
Nebraska Indicator C11/SSIP – Phase II
Part C Phase III-Year 1

Part B Early Childhood

Part B School Age
Achieving Results for
Children with Disabilities: NeMTSS (ppt)

Nebraska Indicator B17/SSIP – Phase I
Appendix A – RDA Stakeholder Membership
Appendix B – Indicator Data Broad View
Appendix C – Race Proficiency by Grade Level

Nebraska Indicator B17/SSIP – Phase II
Part B Phase III-Year 1
Part B Phase III-Year 2
Part B Phase III-Year 3
Part B Phase III-Year 4

October 15, 2015 – Stakeholder Meeting
Part CAgenda EI Process with RBIRDA OverviewOutcomes Determinations
Part BAgendaPowerpointCalculations Example

November 17, 2015 – Supporting RDA Through Policy, Practice and Procedure
Alan Coulter – Presentation (video)
Prepare for Impact – Powerpoint

Silvia DeRuvo – Presentation (video)
TIP Team Planning – Powerpoint
Analyzing Improvement Strategies SISEP Hexagon Tool
TIP Implementation Action Plan
TIP Practice Profile
TIP Practice Profile Blank
TIP Strategies Deep Implementation

August 15, 2016 – Results Driven Accountability Systems of Support
Alan Coulter – Presentation – Keys to Success with TIPS
Presentation Videos
Presentation Handout
Conference Documents
TIP Information Sheet
Impact Area Document
Results Matter TA Document
Policy Statement

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