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Welcome to the special education mediation option web page! The Nebraska mediation system is one-of-a-kind. Here are some quick ways to learn about it on this site.

How do I get started? Call an approved mediation center. The Intake Coordinator will answer your questions & help you determine whether you want to mediate. Part of the job of the Intake Coordinator is to contact all the people you believe should be involved in the mediation, as well as arrange a time and place to meet that is convenient for you. The mediators will be assigned by the mediation center and will meet at the day, time, and place that has been worked out.

What does mediation mean? Mediation is a process in which trained mediators assist people in conflict to communicate & to make voluntary, informed choices in an effort to find a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute. The mediators strive to be impartial, neutral & unbiased. The Nebraska mediation model is interest-based & facilitative, focusing on the participants’ needs in order to find workable, lasting, self-enforcing solutions. Mediation ethics derive from the mediator’s respect for each participant’s uniqueness, personal & cultural values, dignity, competence & right to self-determination.

When? Mediation can take place anytime, before or instead of filing a lawsuit, after or before a complaint or petition is filed, or after a case has been heard or dismissed.

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If you have questions or comments about the Mediation Option,
Contact the Nebraska Department of Education – Office of Special Education Dispute Resolution Team at: or 402.471.2471.

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