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Journey to Inclusion

Journey to Inclusion (PEaK) Grant Applications

The application window closed May 1, 2024

Nebraska Department of Education’s (NDE) Office of Special Education is accepting applications for project funding available annually to advance Nebraska’s Journey to Inclusion through Continuous Improvement and the implementation of districts’ Targeted Improvement Plans (TIPs).

As part of Nebraska’s Results Driven Accountability (RDA) System, all school districts must participate in an ongoing review of their special education program utilizing the Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD) process. The process includes an analysis of district data to study relevant data, district infrastructure, and other pertinent findings to identify target areas for improvement. This is followed by identifying measurable results (goals) and coherent improvement strategies that will be the focus of the improvement activities in the TIP. Next, the district reviews the current infrastructure and capacity to implement, scale up, and sustain evidence-based practice. Finally, based upon strengths and challenges, a comprehensive, multi-year TIP detailing coherent improvement strategies focused on improving results for children with disabilities is created.

The NDE recognizes Inclusive Education as a framework to implement many of the evidence-based practices identified in districts’ TIPs. Inclusive Education offers a model for providing high-quality equitable educational programming that improves access and opportunities for all learners. Districts and ESUs that choose to Improve Reading as their General Focus for Improvement and that choose to leverage Inclusive Education in the implementation of their TIPs are eligible to apply for the Journey to Inclusion Grant.

This grant opportunity will advance Nebraska’s Journey to Inclusion through Continuous Improvement and the implementation of districts’ Targeted Improvement Plans (TIPs).

NE JTI – Revisions to the PEaK Grant (YouTube Video)

PEaK Allocation Listing – Updated 3.28.2024

2024/2025 JTI PEaK Grant Application Scoring Rubric

You may use the following documents to “Make a Copy” and draft your application.
SAMPLE – Blank District Application
SAMPLE – Blank ESU/Consortium Application

Nebraska finished off #InclusiveSchoolsWeek strong with a highlight video of the work happening in one of the pilot schools. Watch our video and stay tuned as our Journey has just begun!!

As part of Nebraska’s “Journey to Inclusion,” we are excited to work with our partners at Hanover Research to develop meaningful and easy-to-use resources to inform stakeholders about how to support inclusive efforts. This published infographic “Best Practices in Special Education NDE” highlights instructional strategies that not only support students with special needs but all students in the classroom.  These high-impact instructional strategies are also aligned with selections found in the Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) that schools submit to portray continuous improvement efforts within Special Education programs.

In December 2023, this infographic was reviewed by Nebraska’s Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) and we are excited to share it widely.  Stayed tuned for the next publication, “Benchmarking Co-Teaching Policies & Practices.”

The Nebraska Department of Education, Office of Special Education, in partnership with SPED Strategies is excited to continue Nebraska’s Journey to Inclusion.  SPED Strategies has the following instructional resources available for our Inclusion learning.

All students, including students with disabilities, deserve access to a high-quality education that prepares them for future success. Students are best served when they have access to effective instruction on a high-quality, grade-level curriculum that is tailored to their learning needs. These free resources are designed to help school systems design an instructional strategy that meets the needs of students with disabilities.

Supporting Students with Disabilities in General Education

IEPs for Daily Instruction

Early and Targeted Literacy Support

Advancing Inclusive Instructional Practices

Fostering Inclusive School Cultures

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