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New CDC staff data collection for Special Education Teacher Retention opening 3/1/2023


A new Consolidated Data Collections (CDC) app has been recently added and is opening as of March 1, 2023 for collecting data until March 31, 2023 for all public districts and ESUs in the NDE Portal. This new collection identifies staff that were listed as a Special Education Teacher in the prior year’s Staff Reporting data who are not identified in the same position in the current school year. For these staff, this new CDC app will collect a reason that each of these staff were not retained by the district. In future school years, this CDC collection is planned to open on 12/1 and close by 1/31 each year, referencing the Staff Reporting data that was entered in the Fall.


The instructions for the new CDC collection can be found at NDE’s website here. In addition, this new collection was featured in the January 2023 NDE data conference webinar – please refer to the slides and recording found at

Contact Information: NDE Service Desk (

Educator Effectiveness Mini-Summits


Instead of holding the traditional Educator Effectiveness Summit in June this year, the NDE’s S.E.E.D. Educator Effectiveness Team will be holding regional Mini-Summits. Each Mini-Summit will be one day long. The audience will be school administrators and their teacher leaders (up to five per district). BUT we would also like our ESU and Educator Preparation Program friends, our NDE colleagues, and our NSEA friends to attend if possible. The conversations and activities will focus on assisting districts in articulating how their system is set up to support and develop their teachers and principals. Those who did not attend the June 2022 Educator Effectiveness Summit will be led through an activity using faux educator data and the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards (NTPPS) which will allow them to consider different pieces of educator data and how to analyze those pieces of data in conjunction with student data.

For those who attended the June 2022 Educator Effectiveness Summit, there will be an additional level of activities around staff and student data—taking what was learned in June 2022 and turning it into action.

We look forward to having these conversations with districts because knowing how to articulate their district’s educator support and development within their own contexts can have an impact on their recruitment and retention abilities and subsequently an impact on student achievement. We sure hope you can attend.

 WHEN and WHERE:                                        

April 5 – University of Nebraska-Lincoln      

April 18 – Wayne State College

Registration Link: 

Contact Information:

Staff Reporting 22-23 Updates

A revised 2022-2023 Staff Reporting guidance document is now available at the Staff Reporting website here. Revisions include the addition of two new FAQ’s specific to reporting Substitutes and Coaches. These can be found in Appendix G.

We will discuss these updates (and new related errors in NSSRS Validation) during February’s Data Webinar on Wednesday, Feb 8. Registration is free and can be done here.


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State Board of Education Disciplinary Action Against Educators

The link below contains State Board disciplinary action taken against Nebraska educators  as well as voluntary surrenders.

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Future Ready District Technology Profile – Opens: February 1 – Due: April 14


Public School Districts Only 

The Future Ready District Technology Profile will be available to public school districts on the NDE Portal under the ‘Data Collections’ tab beginning February 1, 2023. An activation code is required to add the collection to the NDE Portal account, which can be obtained from the District Administrator.  FAQ and instructional documents are included in the portal and online.

PLEASE NOTE NEW INFORMATION – This year Nonpublic schools will not be responsible for completing the 2022-2023 District Technology profile through the portal. Only public schools are required to complete this report. Nonpublic schools that are interested in completing a profile for their own use may download a PDF copy at the technology plan website shared below.

More information and resources related to the new District Technology Profile are available on the NDE website:

The website includes links to the following documents:

  1. PDF version of the new profile instrument
  2. PDF of the instructions to access the profile in the portal
  3. PDF of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

If you have difficulties accessing the documents on the NDE website, please contact Dorann Avey, Digital Learning Director at to request that the documents be emailed to you.

Updated Systems Involved Student Reporting Document

The Systems Involved Student Reporting document has been updated and posted to the ADVISER Resources Data Guidance web page. The purpose of this document is to provide information about Nebraska School District/System responsibilities related to data reporting for students who are Wards of the Court/State and for Systems Involved Students attending a Special Purpose School, Rule 18 Interim Program school, or Contracted Service Providers/Agencies. It also includes reporting information for students attending the University of Nebraska High School.

The Systems Involved Student Reporting document is a supplement to the Who Reports What student reporting guidance document.

Contact Information: NDE Service Desk (

Counselor and Library/Media Not Endorsed 2022-2023


Public School Districts, Special Purpose Schools and Nonpublic Systems

The Counselor and Library/Media Specialists Not Endorsed 2022-2023 collection opened December 2, 2022.  This collection can be found in the NDE Portal under the Data Collections tab.  An activation code is required to add the collection to Portal accounts, which can be obtained from the District Administrator.  Specific instructions for completing the report fields are within the collection itself. 

The collection is designed to monitor the credit hour progress allowed by Sections 007.04B and 007.05D (NAC 92 Chapter 10) of guidance counselors or library/media specialists who are not currently endorsed in these areas and are serving in that capacity while enrolled in a program to complete their endorsements.

The site allows districts to annually update the progress being made by the identified individuals toward their completion of either the counselor or library/media specialist endorsement.

NOTE: The option for allowing individuals not properly endorsed to serve in either capacity is described in Rule 10, Section 007.04B Media/Technology Staff and Section 007.05D Guidance Staff.

For regulatory assistance contact: Accreditation 

Contact Information: For technical assistance contact: NDE Helpdesk (