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2020-2021 ADVISER Follow Up Collection

Public and Special Purpose Schools

With the changes to the ADVISER Follow Up collection due dates (now Sept 15/Oct 2), it is more important than ever to ensure your ADVISER Year End data is correct by June 15/June 30.)

This includes (but is not limited to):
English Learner
Student and Teacher Course Sections (all courses completed during the regular school year)
School Enrollment (especially 2020-2021 Completers and end of year transfers)
Special Education (especially transfers and exiters)

The Follow Up Collection is meant for data which is not reportable by June 15th. All other data available in June is expected to be reported during the Year End Collection window.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Data Visualization and Use Network Application


Public School Districts and ESUs Only

The Nebraska Department of Education has established a set of five Education Innovation Networks (EINs) to support statewide and district access and feature development. These Innovation Networks support the NDE’s commitment to equity of “ensuring equity of access by supporting quality instructional materials” and will provide an opportunity for interested districts to apply for future competitive grants.

The Data Visualization and Use (DVUN) EIN will explore how to:

  • Make the most of ADVISER Dashboard access and available student-level data
  • Use data tools to better understand a class, school, district, or region
  • Leverage many data types to improve outcomes
  • Tell a compelling story by matching the right data with the right visualization

We invite you to apply to a free six-session program where you’ll learn how to use powerful data tools to set strategic goals and improve educational outcomes, as well as participate in discussions around innovative projects and ideas.  The deadline for application is Friday, April 23 and selected participants will be notified Friday, April 30th.

The application is available on this page:

Additional information about the Education Innovation Networks and the Data Visualization Network is also available on this page:


Contact Information: David Hefley (

New ADVISER Validation High Ability Learner Error #784: Honors or Advanced Placement Student Reported Below 9th Grade

Public & Special Purpose Schools Only

This notification is intended to inform districts of new errors/warnings that will be displayed on the ADVISER Validation webpage if they have the error(s).

New Error 784 – Honors or Advanced Placement Student Reported Below 9th Grade

If a student is not in 9th – 12th grade, they cannot have a Student Characteristic of “Honors or Advanced Placement”. Please update the student’s Grade Level or remove this Student Characteristic from the student’s demographic record.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

2021-2022 Course Codes and Clearing Endorsement Document Now Available

The 2021-2022 Course Codes and Clearing Endorsement document is now available.

This document has changed from previous years.  It is now an online searchable document.  It is no longer a 300+ page pdf document.

It can be found on the ADVISER Resources page:

Direct link is:


Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

New ADVISER Validation Student Enrollment Error 782: Dropout Reported for Student in Grade Level Below 7th Grade

Public & Special Purpose Schools Only

This notification is intended to inform districts of new errors/warnings that will be displayed on the Adviser Validation webpage if they have the error(s).

New Error 782: Dropout Reported for Student in Grade Level Below 7th Grade

Description: An enrollment record was reported for a student with a 202 Dropout exit withdrawal code and the student is also reported in a grade level below 7th grade. Please correct the student’s grade level, or change their exit withdrawal code. Typically a 205 “Not Enrolled Eligible to Return” would be used for PK – 6th grade students if it is not known where the student is enrolled. If the student’s enrollment has been confirmed, a 201 “Transfer Out” code could be used.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

IDEA MOE for Compliance Standard – OPEN: April 7 – DUE DATE: May 21


Public Schools Only

IDEA Part B Special Education Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Application for Compliance Standard for school year 2019-2020 opens April 7. The report may be accessed within the NDE Portal under the Data Collection tab. An activation code obtained from the District Administrator is needed to access the collection in the Portal.

School district receipt of IDEA dollars is contingent upon maintaining fiscal effort for Special Education. Districts must expend a greater or equal amount of local or local/state funds from a previous year highest level to meet the MOE requirement. Final calculations based on actual special education school district expenditures/receipts/data obtained from the 2019-2020 AFR, GMS and ADVISER are available and have been compared to the highest levels of fiscal effort. As a result, calculations for meeting the IDEA MOE Compliance Standard may have resulted in a MOE excess or shortage that requires school district review for determination of adjustments or credits that could modify the MOE level.



Contact Information: Greg Prochazka (402-531-9096 or

Save the Date! NDE Data Conference

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) will be hosting a Virtual Data Conference on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Event details and the conference agenda will be coming soon!

This conference also marks the kick-off of monthly virtual data updates from NDE staff.  Stay tuned!

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

February State Board of Education Disciplinary Action Against Educators

The link below contains State Board disciplinary action taken against Nebraska educators for the month of February 2021. Please refer to the NDE Bulletin for any future disciplinary action notifications.


Contact Information: Certification Investigations: