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NDE: IMPORTANT – Special Education Reporting System (SPEDFRS) – Paraprofessional Reporting for School Year 2021-2022

Required for 2021-2022 – SPED Paraprofessional SPI Code “7, S & I” with Position Assignment “5162”.  SPED Paraprofessional staff need to be reported in both the CDC and NSSRS.

REMINDER:  NSSRS Staffing Information deadline to make changes is June 30 of the school year.  It is extremely important that Special Education Staffing Information be correct for SPEDFRS reporting and reimbursement.

2020-20201 SPEDFRS is available to see the NDE staffing adjustments resulting from inappropriate NSSRS SPI Code. Corrections to NSSRS for the current 2021-2022 year may be needed to ensure reimbursement for 2021-2022.

Below are the SPED (SPI) Indicators that must be used to be considered for reimbursement. Staff Type (Professional, Sign Language Interpreters and Paraprofessional) without the proper indicators will not save or upload into SPEDFRS. 

SPED “SPI Code” and “Position Assignment” – Required for Professional Staff and Sign Language Interpreters – must be correctly coded in Staff Reporting to be eligible for reimbursement.  Deadline to submit Staff Reporting Data for the current school year is June 15, audit window – June 30.

  • “S” SPED School Age -State/Local Funds – (Report in SPEDFRS only)
  • “I” SPED School Age Federal-IDEA, (Report in IDEA and SPEDFRS)
  • “7” SPED Early Childhood Federal-IDEA/State/Local (Report in IDEA and SPEDFRS)

 “Position assignments” for Supervision of Special Education should be coded as:

  • 1110 Program Supervision, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2323 Special Education Administrator/Director, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2325 Supervisor/Director, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2327 Coordinator, using the above SPI Codes
  • 2329 Assistant Administrator, using the above SPI Codes

These codes will be applied to the 8% for Supervision costs and allows for clerical reimbursement costs. 

If a SPED staff is split coded in Staff Reporting, separate entries are required in SPEDFRS with the…Read More › – NDE: IMPORTANT – Special Education Reporting System (SPEDFRS) – Paraprofessional Reporting for School Year 2021-2022

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Support Services Flexible Funding Application


Public School Districts & ESUs Only

Support Services – Flexible Funding projects provide the use of special education funding for the “preventative” support services targeting “students not identified or verified as having a disability… but who demonstrate a need for specially designed assistance in order to benefit from the school’s general education curriculum and to avoid the need for potentially expensive special education placement and services.”  The flexible funding option is available to school districts and approved cooperatives to a maximum of five percent (5%) of the total allowable and reimbursable special education costs for school age costs. Guidelines for the application have changed.  The Flex Funding Guidance document can be found here.  Support Services -Flex Funding information and applications are available in the Grants Management System (GMS).

Contact Information: Kris Elmshaeuser (