Please log onto your portal accounts and go to the “My Profile” tab and check to make sure your contact information (especially the email address) is up to date. It is very important to keep this information updated as the Department of Education uses the email address that is in the users’ Portal account to send vital information.
NDE Portal

2021-2022 ADVISER Fall Audit Window Closes October 31

Public School Districts and Special Purpose Schools

The 2021-2022 Fall Audit Window is closing on October 31.  Now is the time for districts to conduct a final review of data submitted on October 15 for 2021-2022 data reporting. NDE Program staff are also reviewing the data at this time. The Audit Window will close at midnight on October 31.

Review Errors/Warnings – Ensure all errors are resolved (or include a comment as to why the error will not be fixed). Warnings should be reviewed and resolved, if appropriate.

Review Verification Reports – Review Student Verification Reports listed as FALL. If a report offers a Reporting Window option, select “As of October 1.

District Admin Signoff – District Admin Signoff for 2021-2022 Fall Collection will be available around October 28, and will need to be completed by October 31.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) now in Audit

Special Purpose Schools and ESUs

AUDIT OPEN: October 16 – AUDIT CLOSE DATE: October 31 

If you have already Submitted and Approved your Fall CDC collection for the 2021-2022 school year, thank you. If you have not, this serves as a reminder this collection was due Oct 15 and is now in Audit. 

Non-Certificated Staff 

Report of Non-Certificated Staff. This may include bus drivers, food service personnel and any other non-certificated staff not already reported in Staff Reporting. 

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Revised Staff Reporting 2021-2022 Guidance

Public School Districts, Nonpublic Systems, Special Purpose Schools, Rule 18 Interims, and ESUs

A revised 2021-2022 Staff Reporting guidance document is now available at the Staff Reporting website here. Revisions include the addition of Staff Position Assignment Code 9-2150 (Home School Liaison – Title I Migrant Education – School Age) and Paraprofessional Assessment Passed Flag 5 (Allowable Locally Approved Means).

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

2021-2022 Teacher Vacancy Survey – Opens October 5


Public School Districts, Nonpublic Systems and ESUs

The Nebraska Teacher Vacancy Survey is sent annually to all Nebraska school districts/systems for the purpose of gathering data relating to teacher supply. The Teacher Vacancy Survey 2021-2022 collection is opening on October 5 in the NDE Portal.  The collection is located under the Data Collections tab.  An activation code is required which can be obtained from the District Administrator. The information collected from survey responses is essential for the following:
• Determining the official teacher shortage areas for the state. Teachers employed to teach in a content area that has been designated as an official teacher shortage area may be eligible for a number of state and federal loan forgiveness opportunities.
• Determining content areas for which teacher supply does not meet statewide demand and which methods are commonly used by school districts/systems to meet staffing needs.
• Developing recruitment and retention initiatives related to shortage areas.
All information will be presented as aggregated data; it will not be utilized in any manner that directly identifies an individual school district/system.
Please ensure that you press the “Submit Survey” button on the final screen to finalize this survey. Thank you.

Contact Information: Kim Snyder (

Updated “Who Reports What” Document Available Now on the ADVISER Resources Webpage

Public School Districts, Special Purpose Schools, Nonpublic Systems, Rule 18 Interim Schools and ESUs

The Who Reports What document has been updated and posted to the ADVISER Resources website under the ADVISER Data Guidance section.

This document provides information about Nebraska School District/System responsibilities related to data reporting. The scenarios and different situations among Nebraska schools are unique and diverse, but the information provided within this publication intends to provide clarity on specific situations.

Please see the Change Summary (Appendix B) for the changes/additions that have been made to this document since it was last published including referrals to the new Systems Involved Student Reporting document which can also be found on the ADVISER Resources website here.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

2021-2022 ADVISER Calendar Updated

A revised 2021-2022 ADVISER Calendar is now available on the ADVISER Resources website here. Updates include Fall and Year End Digital Equity references and Assessment Due and Assessment Roster Dates.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Substitute Teacher Collection Now Open – Please Note Changes in Due Date

Public School Districts, Special Purpose Schools, Nonpublic Systems, Interim Rule 18 & ESUs

New for the 21-22 school year, the Substitute Teacher collection will have two due dates: 12-15-21 and 6-15-22.
First Collection
Open: 9-1-21
Due: 12-15-21
Audit Window Close: 1-15-22
Second Collection
Open: 3-1-22
Due: 6-15-22
Audit Window Close: 6-30-22

It is recommended that districts/systems update substitute’s ‘days taught’ monthly (possibly at payroll time). This will help to ensure districts/systems are using certified staff and provide commentary if needed. The collection can then be Submitted / Approved at the appropriate Due Date.

The Due Data changes will be utilized by Accreditation Specialists and the Educator Certification team to validate proper use of substitutes and for renewal of substitute teaching permits.

Collection instructions have been revised and can be found here.

School systems are encouraged to access the TEACH Business Partner Portal (contact the Educator Certification group for more details) and the Public Certification Lookup site.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

NEW – Systems Involved Student Reporting Document

Public School Districts and Special Purpose Schools

A new Systems Involved Students Reporting document has been created and posted to the ADVISER Resources web page. This document is a supplement to the Who Reports What document, and contains information for Public Districts, Special Purpose Schools and Rule 18 Facilities around reporting of data for students enrolled in Special Purpose Schools or Rule 18 Facilities, as well as wards of the court and wards of the state. Additional requirements have also been added for resident school districts for students attending Special Purpose Schools.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Rule 10 Assurance Statement


Public Schools, Nonpublic Systems, Special Purpose Schools, Rule 18, and ESUs

All accredited school systems (public and non-public) are required to complete a Rule 10 Assurance Statement annually. The Assurance Statement must be completed to reflect compliance or indicate areas of noncompliance as your school system starts the 2021-2022 school year.

The Assurance Statement for public school districts is web-based and will be available on the NDE Portal under the Data Collections tab beginning Monday, September 6, 2021. An activation code is required and is obtained from the District Administrator to add the collection to the NDE Portal account. Public Schools must submit their Assurance Statement through the NDE Portal by November 1. Paper copies will not be accepted.

Note: Nonpublic, Special Purpose, Rule 18, and ESUs must continue to submit paper copies of their Assurance Statements to the NDE.

Please note the following:

  1. In the online Assurance Statement, public school district administrators will be asked to check Yes or No for each Rule 10 item in the statement, indicating compliance or non-compliance.
  2. Superintendents will receive a letter and an email, both of which will include links to the NDE website, where Rule 10 and supporting documents can be found.

For the 2021-22 school year,

  1. A Download PDF button is available again this school year at the bottom of the Assurance Statement for the purpose of downloading and saving a copy of your responses after submission to the NDE.
  2. Currently, when the NO response is checked, a text box opens to explain the NO response. A YES text box, located at the end of the Assurance Statement, is available for the purpose of explaining, defining, or expanding upon any YES response.


Contact Information: For assistance in accessing the portal: NDE Helpdesk (

Teacher Recruitment Website

The Nebraska Department of Education has created a website to assist Nebraska’s schools with teacher recruitment. More content may be added to the website, so if school leaders have any ideas for additions that would be useful for teacher recruitment in Nebraska, please contact Dr. Kim Snyder at with your suggestions. Thank you.

Link to the recruitment website: