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ADVISER Assessment Roster Workday – Thursday, December 14, 2023 (9am-11am CST)

The NDE Assessment and Service Desk teams will host a virtual workday for final Assessment Rostering in ADVISER on December 14th, 2023 from 9am-11am CST. The bulk of the workday will be spent reviewing roster data in ADVISER Validation and helping to troubleshoot/correct any issues.

The NDE Assessment and ADVISER teams will be available for support, along with several SIS Vendors. Assessment platform vendors (such as NSCAS Growth, INSIGHT or PANext) will not be in attendance.

The focus of the workday will be toward the January 8 roster due date – specifically ADVISER related data pertaining to ACT and Alternative Assessments. NSCAS Growth rosters should be ready prior to that time.

Registration is not necessary at this time. The zoom link can be obtained at our Workday website:  Additional resources available at the Workday site include an Assessment presentation PDF and recording (made November 8th at the monthly Data Webinar.)

Contact Information: NDE Service Desk (

State Board of Education Disciplinary Action Against Educators

The link below contains State Board disciplinary action taken against Nebraska educators, as well as any voluntary surrenders.


Contact Information: Certification Investigations:

Conditional and Alternative Permit Requests – Spring 2024

The purpose of this bulletin item is to provide information on how to request a conditional or alternative permit for teachers who have been hired to start in SPRING 2024 and may not have all their necessary documentation prior to the first day of school with students.

A conditional permit allows someone to sign a contract and work as a certified staff member with a location (district) limitation and deficiencies that have not been met to issued a regular teaching certificate such as a content test. A conditional permit can also be requested for someone who has applied for a local substitute permit and has not completed the human relations training course.

An Alternative Permit is designed for an applicant to complete a program before applying for a regular certificate while being employed as a contracted teacher.
Conditional and Alternative Permits can only be requested for employment in a Nebraska school district. If an applicant has not been a continuous resident of Nebraska for the last five years, fingerprint cards will need to be sent to the certification office before any permits can be issued. Once all deficiencies listed have been satisfied on a conditional permit, a regular certificate/permit will be issued without the need to apply and pay a fee unless the conditional permit has been invalidated by the expiration date.

A conditional or alternative permit can be requested by completing the Google Form for those with spring teaching positions at

More information on a Conditional Permit can be found on our website at

More information on an Alternative Permit can be found on our website at

More information on a Local Substitute Permit can be found on our website at

Contact Information: Educator Certification ( or 402-471-0739)

Special Education Proportionate Share Worksheet for Non-Public Schools 2024-2025 – Due 12/15/2023


All school districts (including districts that do NOT have approved/accredited non-public schools or exempt home schools located within the district‘s jurisdiction are required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to complete and submit the 2024-2025 IDEA Proportionate Share application. This collection is found under the “Data Collection” tab in the portal. An activation code may be required if this is the first time accessing the collection, which can be obtained from the District Administrator.

This collection is based on the October 1, 2023 child count of eligible children with disabilities (ages 3-21) and determines the amount of IDEA funds that must be expended for eligible parentally placed children with disabilities in an accredited/approved nonpublic school and/or an exempt home school within the school district boundaries.
Contact: Greg Prochazka (531) 530-9096

Megan Kassing (531) 289-8565



Contact Information: Greg Prochazka (531) 530-9096 or OR Megan Kassing (531) 289-8565 or

CORRECTION – Local Substitute Teaching Permit – Request for Additional Days Form


The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is aware of the continued shortage of substitute teachers in school systems this school year.

The Commissioner may authorize additional days for local substitute teaching permit holders upon request by a Nebraska school system that demonstrates a need for additional days, beyond the 90 full-time days per school year currently allowed.  In order to authorize the additional days, the Department must receive a request from a Nebraska school system that demonstrates need.

To facilitate school system requests, the Department has created an online form. You or your school system staff can access that form here: Local Substitute Teaching Permit – Request for Additional Days Form.

Once a request has been submitted, it will be reviewed, and the school system will be notified of the authorization.

Contact Information: Brad Dirksen (

Nonpublic Systems Reporting Guidance 2023-2024

Nonpublic Systems Reporting Guidance for 2023-2024 has been posted to the Nonpublic Resources webpage:

This guidance document provides information for Nonpublic System data reporting, including a comprehensive list of specific collections (such as ADVISER Person ID, Staff Reporting and Nonpublic Curriculum) which Nonpublic Systems are required to complete throughout the school year.

Contact Information: NDE Service Desk (