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New ADVISER Validation Student Demographics Warning 781: Student Age Out of Expected Range for Grade Level

Public & Special Purpose Schools Only

This notification is intended to inform districts of new errors/warnings that will be displayed on the Adviser Validation webpage if they have the error(s).

New ADVISER Validation Warning 781 – Student Age Out of Expected Range for Grade Level

The student’s age (determined by their birth date reported through ADVISER Person ID) as of 12/31 of this school year is not in the typically expected range of the grade level reported in the student’s ADVISER enrollment record. This data may be valid, and so this warning can be archived or ignored if the data is correct. If not, please update the student’s birth date in ADVISER Person ID or correct the Grade Level that is reported through your SIS.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Spring 2021 Conditional Permits – January New Teachers

The purpose of this bulletin item is to give guidance on how to request a conditional permit for new teachers that have been hired to start in January 2021.

The certification staff have been receiving applications for December graduates and realize that some colleges will not be issuing transcripts until the middle of January. Occasionally, there are other documents that do not make it to us until after the start of the second semester. For teachers who have been hired to start in January, we may be able to issue a conditional permit if requested from the school district.

A conditional permit can be issued when we have the following items:

  1. An application and fee
  2. A request for a conditional permit from the school district. NOTE: A request can be completed through a Google Form for those with January teaching positions at
  3. Fingerprints (if needed) – A set of fingerprint cards would need to be logged in our office in order for a conditional to be issued but not cleared by the NSP.
  4. A document from the college stating that a program has been completed. Preferred: An IV from the college and a “close to final” transcript showing HRT and SPED courses. Minimum: A letter in lieu of a transcript stating that the candidate has completed a program of study along with the required HRT and SPED courses.
  5. Praxis I and Praxis II scores

Deficiencies that can be placed on the permit include one or a combination of the following: a final transcript, an IV, Praxis I scores, Praxis II score(s), HRT, SPED, and/or clearance of fingerprints from the NSP. A limitation on the permit will always be the district requesting the conditional. The items that…Read More › – Spring 2021 Conditional Permits – January New Teachers

Contact Information: Clayton Waddle ( or 402-471-0738)