Please log onto your portal accounts and go to the “My Profile” tab and check to make sure your contact information (especially the email address) is up to date. It is very important to keep this information updated as the Department of Education uses the email address that is in the users’ Portal account to send vital information.
NDE Portal

Renewal and Acceleration with Data – Virtual Webinar – February 9 – 930am-1130am CST

In lieu of our traditional in-person Data Conference held annually in Kearney, we have transitioned this event into a series of shorter, informational webinars catering to the needs of Nebraska school districts/systems at thoughtfully determined points throughout the year. Additionally, the new monthly webinar series will be taking the place of the ADVISER District Meetings which had occurred at 10am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Part of each webinar will be dedicated to ADVISER status updates, so any district users who attended the old meeting are encouraged to sign up for the webinars instead.

In February, the schedule is:
9:30 am – 10:00 am ADVISER Monthly Update & Feedback (Max Reiner)
10:00 am – 10:40 am P-EBT (Pandemic Electronic Bank Transfer) (Jenna Hilligoss, Kayte Partch, Zainab Rida – Office of Coordinated Student Support Services)
10:40 am – 10:50 am Break
10:50 am – 11:30 am Nonpublic Curriculum Reporting (Micki Charf, Todd Wolverton – The Office of Accountability, Accreditation, and Program Approval)

The event is free, but registration is required. To register and for more information please visit:

(These webinars are completely free to attend, however we do require you register for each date. As webinar dates pass, the ‘Upcoming Webinar’ box will be updated to reflect information and a registration link to the next scheduled webinar. Archive recordings of past webinars will be available under the accordion menus approximately 48 hours following the live broadcast.)

Contact Information: NDE Service Desk (

NDE 2020-2021 CRDC Submissions – Districts To Submit After January 10

Public School Districts Only

The Civil Rights Data Collection submission system is set to open for submitting data on December 13. NDE will provide part of the required submissions based on what has already been reported within ADVISER for 2020-2021. However, as NDE and districts can overwrite each other’s entries, NDE recommends that districts do not enter any data into the CRDC submission system before January 10 (unless your district has opted out of having CRDC data submitted by NDE).

By January 10, 2022 NDE will submit data for public districts that haven’t opted out based on the numbers in the CRDC reports within the ADVISER Validation website (specifically the “Locked” reporting window version of each report). Please refer to the ADVISER Validation reports to see which sections of the CRDC are covered, and keep in mind that you are submitting 2020-2021 data for your 2020-2021 school buildings at this time. Data that NDE submits is not finalized and should be reviewed and edited by districts after January 10. After finishing edits and adding any missing data, all districts must “certify” their data in the CRDC submission system by February 28.

If your district does not yet have an administrator with a login to the CRDC Submission System, please visit the CRDC Resource Center for info about getting access. All public districts must participate in CRDC, therefore every district needs a login.

If your district would like to opt out from NDE submitting some or all CRDC data on your behalf, please send an email to the help desk at if you have not already contacted us. Opted out districts are free to begin data entry on December 13.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Spring 2022 Conditional Permit Requests

The purpose of this bulletin item is to provide guidance on how to request a conditional permit for teachers who have been hired to start in JANUARY 2022 and may not have all of their necessary documentation prior to the first day of school with students.

CONDITIONAL PERMITS – The certification staff have received applications for December graduates and realize that some colleges will not be issuing transcripts until the middle of January. Occasionally, there are other documents that may not make it to certification until after the start of the semester. For teachers who have been hired to start in January, we may be able to issue a conditional permit if requested from the school district.

A conditional permit can be issued when we have the following items:

  1. An application and fee
  2. A request for a conditional permit from the school district. NOTE: A request can be completed through a Google Form for those with spring teaching positions at
  3. Fingerprints (if needed) – A set of fingerprint cards would need to be logged in our office in order for a conditional to be issued but not cleared by the Nebraska State Patrol.
  4. A document from the college stating that a program has been completed. Preferred: An Institutional Verification form from the college and a “close to final” or transcript showing the human relations and special education courses. Minimum: A letter in lieu of a transcript stating that the candidate has completed a program of study along with the required human relations and special education courses.

Deficiencies that can be placed on the permit include one or a combination of the following: a final transcript, an Institutional Verification form, Praxis I scores, Praxis II score(s), special…Read More › – Spring 2022 Conditional Permit Requests

Contact Information: Clayton Waddle (

Counselor and Library/Media Specialists Not Endorsed 2021-2022


Public School Districts, Special Purpose Schools and Nonpublic Systems

The Counselor and Library/Media Specialists Not Endorsed 2021-2022 collection opens November 30, 2021.  This collection can be found in the NDE Portal under the Data Collections tab.  An activation code is required to add the collection to Portal accounts, which can be obtained from the District Administrator.  The collection is designed to identify any guidance counselors or library/media specialists who are not currently endorsed in these areas but are serving in that capacity while enrolled in a program to complete their endorsements.

The site allows districts to annually update the progress being made by the identified individuals toward their completion of either the counselor or library/media specialist endorsement.

NOTE: The option for allowing individuals not properly endorsed to serve in either capacity is described in Rule 10, Section 007.04B Media/Technology Staff and Section 007.05D Guidance Staff.

The Main Page is visible upon entering the collection. Select the Enter/Edit Data button to access online data entry.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

State Board of Education Disciplinary Action Against Educators

The link below contains State Board disciplinary action taken against Nebraska educators for the month of October 2021 as well as voluntary surrenders.

Contact Information: Certification Investigations:

Rule 11: Prekindergarten Program Report – Opened Sept 8 – Due Oct 15


Public School District and ESU’s

All public school district and educational service units are required to complete a Rule 11 Prekindergarten Report.  Districts or ESUs operating prekindergarten programs are required to indicate on the Prekindergarten Report if they are in compliance or indicate areas of noncompliance.

The Prekindergarten report can now be found on the NDE portal.

1.       Open

2.      Login with your username and password.

5.       Go to “Data collections” tab on the top left.

6.       In “Online” you can see “Prekindergarten Report”, click on the add button which will direct you to an activation code page.

7.       In activation code please enter the code, which is given to you by district administrator and press “ADD”.

8.       Then go back to “Data collections” tab and then you can open the applications.

Contact Information: Tammi Hicken (

Substitute Teacher Collection Now Open – Please Note Changes in Due Date

Public School Districts, Special Purpose Schools, Nonpublic Systems, Interim Rule 18 & ESUs

New for the 21-22 school year, the Substitute Teacher collection will have two due dates: 12-15-21 and 6-15-22.
First Collection
Open: 9-1-21
Due: 12-15-21
Audit Window Close: 1-15-22
Second Collection
Open: 3-1-22
Due: 6-15-22
Audit Window Close: 6-30-22

It is recommended that districts/systems update substitute’s ‘days taught’ monthly (possibly at payroll time). This will help to ensure districts/systems are using certified staff and provide commentary if needed. The collection can then be Submitted / Approved at the appropriate Due Date.

The Due Data changes will be utilized by Accreditation Specialists and the Educator Certification team to validate proper use of substitutes and for renewal of substitute teaching permits.

Collection instructions have been revised and can be found here.

School systems are encouraged to access the TEACH Business Partner Portal (contact the Educator Certification group for more details) and the Public Certification Lookup site.

Contact Information: NDE Helpdesk (

Teacher Recruitment Website

The Nebraska Department of Education has created a website to assist Nebraska’s schools with teacher recruitment. More content may be added to the website, so if school leaders have any ideas for additions that would be useful for teacher recruitment in Nebraska, please contact Dr. Kim Snyder at with your suggestions. Thank you.

Link to the recruitment website: