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Nebraska Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council (ECICC)

The Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Council was established by Nebraska Revised Statutes (Neb.Rev.Stat.) 43-3401 to 43-3403 to advise and assist collaborating agencies in carrying out the provisions of state and federal statutes pertaining to early childhood care and education initiatives under state supervision.



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This website includes information about ECICC membership and meetings, statutory authority and policies supporting the ECICC, reports to the Governor on the status of early childhood in Nebraska, and other information related to the work of the ECICC.

Council Meetings: The ECICC meets at least four times per year. Public comment is regularly scheduled on the ECICC meeting agenda. See the meetings page for times and locations of scheduled meetings and for information about making public comment.

Council Membership: Council members are appointed by the Governor to meet statutory requirements for representation. See the membership page for more information.

Council Projects & Relationships: Council work is carried out by reports and recommendations from the Council. These are often based on the work of Council committees and task forces, whose role is to develop information and recommendations in the areas of policy, funding and resources, data enhancements, gaps and barriers in services, and coordination and collaboration among programs and agencies. The ECICC also serves as a stakeholder group for grants and reports about early childhood that are required or conducted under statutory authority by state agencies. The Council receives updates on state initiatives and policy related to young children and their families, as well as information about local and regional early childhood programs and services.See the projects & relationships page for more information.