Teaching Program Alternative Permit

The Alternative Program Teaching Permit is issued to applicants who do not meet all requirements for a regular teaching certificate and is valid for teaching only in the Nebraska school system requesting the issuance of such permit. An Alternative Program Teaching Permit expires August 31 in the second year following the year of issuance and may not be renewed.

The requirements for an Alternative Program Teaching Permit include the following:

  1. An application and fee in the TEACH system  (Please note that registration for TEACH is required first; then an application can be submitted.)
  2. Fingerprints (required only if someone has lived outside of Nebraska in the past five years)
  3. Official Transcript(s) show the completion of a Bachelor’s degree
  4. Submit an Alternative Program Teaching Permit form completed by a Nebraska college or university. Please note that the form will be sent electronically to the college from within TEACH.
  5. Submit a written request for the issuance of such permit from the superintendent of schools or the governing body of the school system in which the applicant intends to teach.
  6. Human Relations Training

Pathway One

  1. Have completed at least one-half of the pre-student teaching requirements, including a course in teaching methods, of an approved program.
  2. Have fulfilled at least three-fourths of the requirements for at least one subject or field endorsement. See Rule 24 for more details on what are the minimum requirements for the available endorsements.

Pathway Two

  1. Have completed a state approved alternative program for teaching, which includes some education related coursework.
  2. Educator Certificate – Submit a copy of a current regular teaching certificate from another state.
  3. Employment Verification – Submit evidence that shows at least one year of teaching experience in the last five years in an approved, accredited or otherwise legally operated school in another state.

Pathway Three

  1. Have earned and been awarded a baccalaureate degree, graduate degree, or professional degree from a college or university accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the United States Department of Education.
  2. Pass any appropriate subject area examination as designated by the Board.

Pathway Four

  1. Have completed a teacher education program at a standard institution of higher education.
  2. Educator Certificate – Submit a copy of a current teaching certificate in good standing from another state.

More information on how to send supporting documents can be found in the FAQ section of this website.

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Updated May 19, 2023 10:24am