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2023-24 ESSA Data Collection


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) aims to improve student academic achievement and ensure equitable access to effective educators. ESSA requires Title I schools to report the ratio of disadvantaged students—economically disadvantaged or racial and ethnic minorities—taught by inexperienced teachers, teachers teaching outside their endorsed area, or teachers considered ineffective. Due to the sensitive nature of this data, it will be collected separately from staff reporting.

Key Collection Dates: This report is being created to satisfy the federal requirement for the current 2023-24 school year.
June 24th: An email will be sent to all Nebraska superintendents with an Excel template created by the NDE to upload Teacher IDs of any ineffective teachers identified by the district.
August 5th: All submissions must be completed by this date.

Key Information:

  • Definition of Ineffective Teachers: As of 2023, Nebraska defines “ineffective” teachers as those identified in the lowest tier of a district’s local evaluation system.
  • Reporting: The purpose of the report is to report the ratio of ineffective teachers to Title I students. The NDE will create a statewide baseline report that will be shared with all districts to  support informed decisions to improve educational effectiveness.
  • New Data Opportunity: This process is more than a compliance measure; it is an opportunity to align educator evaluations with values and standards that promote growth and effectiveness.
  • Consolidated Data: The “ineffective teacher” report will be embedded into the Educator Effectiveness Data collected from each district. This report includes teachers who are out-of-field and inexperienced. These data points are already collected from each district’s Staff Reporting data in the fall of each school year.


Who is responsible for uploading this data?

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Contact Information: Director of Statewide Teacher and Principal Support: Dr. Ryan Ricenbaw -