NSCAS English Language Arts (ELA)

NSCAS English Language Arts for general assessment is administered to students in grades 3-8.  If a student is taking the English Language Arts Alternate Assessment you will want to go to NSCAS Alternate Summative Assessment Page.

2021 ELA Standards & Crosswalk

2021 ELA Standards (Word Doc)

ELA Standards Crosswalk K-12 (Excel)

2021 Range Achievement Level Descriptors (ALD)

This draft document highlights the indicators that NDE intends to assess on the NSCAS Growth assessments.

2021 Range Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) K-12 (Excel)

ELA Quick Links

For more English Language Arts resources:

Approved K-3 reading assessments:

For information on interim or formative assessment supports:

NSCAS ELA Sample Test (Item Type Sampler)

For Grade 3-8 sample tests (called Item Type Samplers), visit the NWEA Nebraska Portal.

Please note: The released ELA passages and samplers were developed for the NeSA assessment, but are still applicable for NSCAS.


For general assessment questions , contact Statewide Assessment.


For more information about English Language Arts, contact Becky Michael, ELA Education Specialist.


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