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NSCAS System

TAC Public Notice & Agenda -Spring 2018 

Nebraska Department of Education has renamed the statewide assessment system as the Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System (NSCAS).

The vision of the “system” is to support school districts at multiple levels of assessment- formative, interim, and summative.  Several aspects of the work at the state level move toward this goal:  Providing MAP Growth testing through the state contract, working on a plan for interim assessments to support instruction of College and Career Ready (CCR) standards, providing professional development for 65 certified facilitators in assessment, and connecting MAP Growth results to state summative results through use of the MAP Learning Continuum to inform instruction throughout the year.

The Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) Summative Testing includes all state tests; therefore, the scoring rules, accommodations, security policies, and ethics codes apply to the following:

NSCAS Summative Assessment Administrations for

Year SubjectGrade Level
2017-2018         NSCAS- General Summative Assessments3-8   
 NSCAS-English Language Arts
 NSCAS- Science 5 and 8
 NSCAS- Alternate Summative Assessments   3-8 & High School*
 NSCAS-AA- English Language Arts
 NSCAS-AA- Mathematics
 NSCAS-AA- Science 5,8, & High School*
ACT High School*High School*
 ELPA21 K-12 English Learners K-12 English Learners

*Note: In 2017-2018 school year students who are in their third year of cohort at the high school level will participate in the college entrance exam-the ACT, or in the NSCAS- Alternate Assessments 

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