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Nebraska has embarked on a transition to an adaptive through-year assessment model, one which combines the best of MAP Growth and the NSCAS General Summative test, builds on the work Nebraska educators have done statewide to create an assessment system that is instructionally useful, meaningful to students, and connected to classroom practice. NSCAS Growth will be aligned to both the state standards and to the state summative blueprint. Adaptive outside of grade level and measuring growth, it will yield grade level performance data throughout the school year and produce summative proficiency scores at year’s end. The NSCAS Growth will be operational in 2022-2023.

Image showing the progression of NSCAS Growth from planning in 2020 to pilot in 2021 and fully operational in 2022-23

2021 NSCAS Growth Resources

NSCAS Growth Equity

NSCAS Growth Educator

NSCAS Innovation – NDE Day 2021 (Recording coming soon)

NSCAS Innovation PowerPoint

NSCAS Growth Q & A – NDE Day 2021 (Recording coming soon)

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June NSCAS Growth Update, June 30, 2021

April NSCAS Growth Update, April 29, 2021

February NSCAS Growth Update, Feb. 10, 2021

NSCAS Regional Workshops, Oct 9-16, 2019

October 2019 Board Presentation

Innovations Presentation:  1:57:40 – 2:29:05

Any NSCAS Growth questions please contact Jeremy Heneger, jeremy.heneger@nebraska.gov.  

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