Formative Assessment

FASN Mental model is a circle connecting professional learning opportunities, assessment literacy, partnerships. With Formative Assessment Practices in the middle

What is the Formative Assessment Supports Network (FASN)?

The Formative Assessment Supports Network (FASN) is a system of supports for Nebraska educators designed to advance assessment literacy and focus on the implementation of formative assessment practices to strengthen effective instruction and propel student learning statewide.

Introduction to FASN Resources

Formative Assessment Repository

Science Classroom Formative Task Repository

A repository of classroom formative tasks aligned to the indicator level of the standards. Tasks were developed by NE educators and cover the breadth of the standards giving students an opportunity to provide evidence of what they can know and can do related to that standard.


Click on the link below and enter the password to access the repository.

Formative Task Repository Page

If you are a NE educator and are needing the password, email the Statewide Assessment at

Collaboration Resources

Coming soon!

FASN Supports

Instructional Coaches Cadre

We are looking for instructional coaches to join our Formative Assessment Supports Network (FASN) coaches cadre.  A new cohort is starting this Spring.  FASN offers the following supports for educators:

  • Strengthening assessment literacy across the state with an emphasis on formative assessment practices
  • Professional learning experiences that include:
    • Coaching for teachers and school leaders
    • Structures and resources for activating professional learning communities (PLCs)
    • Workshops and webinars, offered in synchronous and asynchronous formats
  • Alignment with the work of Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) divisions focused on assessment literacy and partnerships with teacher preparation programs
  • Resources on how to better implement formative assessment practices

The FASN coaching cohort also has exclusive access to asynchronous learning via Professional Learning Online for Nurturing Collaborative Learning Spaces.  The offering includes showing teachers how to involve students in fostering a learning community where trust and respect are paramount. The online courses provide essential time and space to practice the skills that are foundational to learner success, well-being, and self-efficacy.  The coaches cadre is provided to educators at no cost by NDE.

For more information complete the Request for Information Form or email Dr. Trudy Clark or Aly Martinez Wilkinson at

See the flyer for more information.

Coaches Application


The Intro to Formative Assessment (requires an NWEA MAP Growth log-in): Dylan Wiliam three part recorded webinar series

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