NSCAS Test Development & Applications

NDE Statewide Assessment is always seeking highly qualified educators to participate in assessment development and review opportunities.  Stipends are available when educators are NOT working under distirct contract. Please click on the general application if you are interested in working with NDE.  Also if you are a Superintendent, DAC or Principal and would like to nominate an educator to participate please fill out the form below. There are opportunities during the school year and the summer.

Continue to check back throughout the year for test development opportunities that post.

General Application

Nomination Application

Upcoming Test Development

Item and Bias Review– Sept 11-12, 2018

NSCAS Alternate Science Test Development– Sept 10-14, 2018

NSCAS Summative Assessment Development Applications - 2018-2019

Test Development Resources

All documents provided at the workshop

All documents provided at the workshop

Thank you for your continuous and dedicated work with NDE Statewide Assessment

                                                                                               – From the Statewide Assessment Team