Career Exploration Resources

  • Business and Industry Tour Guidelines for NE Career Readiness Standards

  • Career Clusters at-a-Glance

  • Career Guest Speaker Guidelines for NE Career Readiness Standards

  • Career Ladder Posters – Nebraska Dept. of Labor

  • Family & Mentor Conversation Starters about NE Career Readiness Standards

  • High Wage, High Demand, High Skill

    The H3 website offers quick access to Nebraska’s “hot jobs”. This easy to understand labor market information is updated weekly.
  • Nebraska Career & Technical Student Organizations

  • Nebraska Career Cluster Tours

  • Nebraska Career Connections

    Nebraska Career Connections provides self-awareness, exploration and planning tools for career development.
  • Nebraska Career Education Model Posters

    NCE Model in a variety of sizes.
  • Nebraska Reality Check

    How much income do students need from a career? To help students determine income compared to desired standards of living; try Nebraska Reality Check, sponsored by EducationQuest Foundation.
  • NEworks

    Nebraska Department of Labor website or app provides current job openings and labor market analysis facts, employment, wages and projections.
  • Workplace Experiences

    Engage local business and industry with schools to help students identify career opportunities and develop workplace skills using an essential set of strategies.

  • Workplace Observations for NE Career Readiness Standards

Updated October 26, 2018 11:35am