CTE Career Fields & Career Clusters

The six career fields represent broad sectors of the job market on which students may choose to focus.

Each career field is composed of career clusters. The clusters are more specific segments of the labor market. Each cluster is a grouping of careers that focus on similar subjects or similar skills. A basic understanding and exploration of each of the clusters will provide students with a solid foundation for career decision-making to conceptualize the entire world of work.

Clicking on the career cluster icon below will take you to that cluster’s page.

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Communication & Information Systems

Communication Arts

Information Technology

Business, Marketing, & Management


Hospitality & Tourism

Business Management & Administration


Human Services & Education

Government & Public Administration

Human Services

Education & Training

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

Skilled Technical Sciences


Energy & Engineering

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Architecture & Construction

Updated August 26, 2019 9:49am