Nebraska Career Development Toolkit

We believe all individuals should be empowered to choose a meaningful career and education pathway to position themselves for lifelong success.

Career Development Toolkit

Career Development is the process by which individuals get to know their strengths and interests; learn how different jobs connect with those interests; explore careers in current labor markets; and build career planning and management skills to achieve career goals. (National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability)

Career development programs provide instruction and learning experiences to improve career decision-making for all students. This toolkit includes information and resources for Nebraska career development programs.

Components of the Nebraska Career Development Toolkit


Self-awareness refers to individuals gaining the ability to identify their interests, skills and work values.

Career Exploration

Career exploration consists of learning how to identify and analyze various career options in terms of what education, training, experience and competencies are required for success.

Career Planning and Management

Knowledge of college options, entrance requirements, application processes and financial aid is vital for students and families to learn.

Career Development Model

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This is a Career Development Program Toolkit for:

  • Nebraska Schools including Special Education and High Ability Learners
  • Nebraska VR (Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Together we can form partnerships with business, industries, our communities and families to achieve systemic career development for every student.