Personal Learning Plans & Portfolios

What do you need to know?

Personal Learning Plans and Portfolios are created as part of the career development process.  Self-awareness and exploration is needed before a student can create a relevant, meaningful PLP.  The following terms are important to creating a common language:

  • A Personal Learning Plan is both a learning process and a planning document for academic, career & technical education, dual credit coursework, workplace learning and activities aligned to career goals.
  • A Portfolio is a collection of artifacts resulting from learning experiences of the PLP and the career development program.  Essential up-to-date documents such as PLP, resumes, applications, assessments, certifications, transcripts, examples of career readiness skills or references may be included.  An e-portfolio is helpful to being ready for new opportunities or career changes at a moment’s notice.

Career planning is an ongoing process as is education and selecting the right coursework and activities.  Personal Learning Plans are a method of planning for yearly or semester registration.  It is also a transitions planning tool for high school graduation and postsecondary entrance requirements.

Updated January 22, 2024 8:31am