NE Career Readiness Standards

What do you need to know?

Nebraska Career Readiness Standards are employability skills identified by Nebraska businesses and industry as the most essential skills sought after by employers in our state and nationwide. Career development is intentional about teaching these skills through opportunities offered throughout PreK-12 classes with increasing complexity and relevance, as students progress in career maturity.

This set of skills support individuals for transitions in life. They are transferable to any career and many other environments outside of the workplace. Every Nebraska student, regardless of background, interests or intent after graduation, need these skills.

Nebraska Career Readiness Standards apply to all education settings. Educators at all levels should seek to develop these skills and dispositions in their students. The Nebraska Department of Education is aligning career readiness standards with all core academics such as math, language arts, social studies and science.

Applies appropriate academic and technical skills

Communicates effectively and appropriately

Contributes to employer and community success

Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them

Uses critical thinking

Demonstrates innovation and creativity

Models ethical leadership and effective management

Works productively in teams and demonstrates cultural competency

Utilizes technology

Manages personal career development

Attends to personal and financial well-being

Why Nebraska Career Readiness Standards?

Career readiness skills are about the basics: a solid academic foundation and strong personal ethics; speaking and writing effectively; analyzing situations and solving problems; understanding fundamental concepts in math and science and fulfilling responsibilities and professionalism.

Career readiness is about relationships: collaborating with co-workers; respecting the opinions, privacy and cultures of others; working independently as well as on a team; accepting responsibility and understanding consequences of decisions; making healthy choices and understanding how work and employment impact the community, state, nation and the world.

Career readiness is about generating a powerful, homegrown workforce across Nebraska: creating a steady supply of responsible leaders and skilled employees in a wide range of industries; inspiring young entrepreneurs and young professionals to start businesses in their hometowns.

Career readiness is about knowing what is needed to be successful; understanding available technology plus knowing how and when to use it appropriately; using skills to address new challenges and new opportunities; and navigating the known and unknown while having enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Career readiness is not always about working for someone else. Creating opportunities to be self-employed requires career readiness skills plus specific knowledge, drive and confidence in starting a business.

Career readiness skills are transferable!

Career readiness skills are positive assets to have in a variety of places:

  1. At home for positive family dynamics
  2. At school for a positive learning environment
  3. At workplaces for career success

Learning Progressions and Indicators for NE Career Readiness Standards

ENGAGE! is a middle school career development curriculum designed for students to learn to use career assessments, explore careers with the Nebraska Career Education Model, develop Nebraska Career Readiness Standards and create a PLP-Personal Learning Plan. Learn more at:

Habitudes for NE Career Readiness Skills are a set of innovative lessons for high school students to develop career readiness. Learn more at: