Career Education Strategies

What do you need to know?

Nebraska Career Education (NCE) is world-class education engaging individuals in high quality, rigorous and relevant instruction, enhanced with business and industry, workforce and economic development partnerships.

Excellent career exploration is to enroll in Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study aligned to career interest(s). CTE Programs of Study and Nebraska Career Academies offer contextualized, project based, hands-on experiential learning. It is a direct way to link core concepts to application in career fields. All students benefit  with career preparation.

NCE/CTE has coordinating materials and curriculum for both career development and career preparation.  Collaborate with local and state career educators to create a system of career readiness in your community and across our state!

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

CTSOs are a direct extension of the CTE classroom Program of Study. Students in CTSOs apply classroom learning to real-world experiences in different career clusters, they are not clubs. CTSOs are connected to middle school, high school and postsecondary instructional programs and are integral to the classroom. Student involvement focuses on building career and leadership skills and provides competitive events to demonstrate skills they have achieved at local, state, and national levels. CTSOs are available in Nebraska schools spanning the entire state. Learn more at:

NCE Model and Career Clusters

The Nebraska Career Education model consists of four key areas:

  • Core Academics/College and Career Readiness
  • Career Fields
  • Career Clusters
  • Employability and Entrepreneurship

The NCE Model provides a way for:

  • students to explore the diversity of career options available to them.
  • students to begin to prepare for their career with plans for secondary and post-secondary education.
  • schools to organize curriculum into Programs of Study that prepare students for opportunities in Nebraska’s economy.

For more information and downloadable tools for the NCE Model and Career Clusters, follow the link below:

Nebraska Career Connections is a comprehensive online career planning system with information and tools to use for the entire career development process. It is free and available to all Nebraskans at: