PreK-12 Career Development Program Planning

Today’s schools seek to prepare students to be college and career ready.  Often, we want to reduce all the expectations, attitudes, competencies, skills, and behaviors required to be college and career ready to a single score.   However, postsecondary schools and workplaces expect college and career readiness to mean much more than doing well on a written or online test.  A better approach is needed.

Nebraska Career Development Model programs intend to engage students with participation, activity, and do much more than take a test. In this toolkit, we are suggesting a comprehensive approach, which invites experiential and skill building opportunities to enhance academic, career and social/emotional development throughout PreK-12, which directly applies to the demands of education and workplace success.  A Nebraska Career Development Model represents a program where schools collaborate with families, postsecondary, the community, employers, and business/industry to provide instruction, guidance, and advisement to students to achieve their goals.  We believe quality Career Development is enhanced by college and career readiness programming in schools.

Planning a district-wide program is essential.  This section of the toolkit offers planning resources.