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Engage! Career Exploration and Readiness

This is a project based course designed to help middle school students explore career options using the Nebraska Career Education Model and understand the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards. The course is organized by three themes – Making it My Choice, A World of Options and Charting a Direction – with culminating individual and group projects. Students will define career clusters and pathways, describe examples of career readiness, utilize self-assessments to better understand interests, establish a career portfolio and create a personal learning plan to provide direction to high school and post-high school activities. This course is aligned to American School Counselor Association Standards for Students and integrates EducationQuest tools and resources for middle school students.

Recommended Level: Grades 7-8
Course Code:  320300

The Engage User Guide and Unit Overviews are provided below for preview.

The full course curriculum and resources for Engage is posted in the Nebraska Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub and can be accessed here: Engage

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