Coordination Of Programs

Coordinate Don’t Duplicate!

Program planners need to coordinate!  Together we can support all students more effectively by sharing goals and defining roles and responsibilities between programs.  It is likely some students will be in multiple programs. Cooperative program plans will eliminate duplication.  Identify common goals, content and activities related to the Nebraska Career Development Model, in the chart below to assist with coordinated program planning.

Considerations for the coordination of programs:

  • Do all students have plans for seamless transitions to college and career goals?
  • Are the programs working together for the benefit of students?
  • Are the programs and planning materials coordinated to use common vocabulary, models and resources to reinforce clear and consistent messages?
  • Are guidelines and procedures in place to avoid duplication and wasted instructional time?
  • Are all educators aware of how to support college and career readiness planning adopted by the district for seamless transitions for all students?

Helpful Resource:  Nebraska Transitions Guide

The purpose of the Nebraska Transition Guide is to increase collaboration between students, parents, school staff and community agencies.  The Transition Guide organized by critical questions, addresses quality program development along with supporting resources, materials and activities.

View the Transition Guide

Personal Learning Plan
NCE-Nebraska Career Education

Individual Education Plan
Special Education

Pre-Employment Transition Services
Nebraska VR

  Career Development Components NSTTAC Indicator 13 Checklist Pre-Employment Transitions Services


  • Career Readiness (Employability) Skills Assessment
  • Academic test scores
  • Career Interest, strengths, work values inventories
  • Age appropriate transition assessments of needs, strengths preferences, career interests and workplace readiness for postsecondary goal
  • Student invited and participates in IEP and learns to use self-advocacy and self-determination skills
  • Career/vocational interest inventory results
  • Workplace readiness skills and training
  • Instruction in self-advocacy, self-determination, social skills and independent living skills

  Career Exploration

  • Career Education Programs of Study
  • Labor Market Information
  • Workplace Learning Experiences
  • Transition services to meet postsecondary, career or employment
  • Transition services, courses of study to enable student to meet postsecondary career employment or education and training goal
  • Job exploration counseling
  • Labor Market information
  • Work-based learning experiences including in-school or after school or outside of the traditional school setting, and/or internships

 Planning & Management

  • College/Career Options
  • PLP: Career goals coursework & activities aligned to postsecondary goals
  • Updated annually
  • Appropriate measurable postsecondary goal
  • Postsecondary goals updated annually
  • Annual transitions goals related to student needs, strengths, preferences and interests for  postsecondary goal
  • Partnering agencies invited to participate in transitions planning


  • Counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or postsecondary educational programs
  • Update plan regularly
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