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2020 NE School Health Profile Results

 What are the School Health Profiles?

The School Health Profiles (Profiles) is a system of surveys assessing school health policies and practices in states, large urban school districts, and territories. Profiles surveys are conducted biennially by education and health agencies among middle and high school principals and lead health education teachers. Profiles monitors the current status of:

  • School health education requirements and content,
  • Physical education and physical activity,
  • Practices related to bullying and sexual harassment,
  • School health policies related to tobacco-use prevention and nutrition,
  • School-based health services,
  • Family engagement and community involvement, and
  • School health coordination.

2020 Survey Results – Infographics

Access the 2020 Profiles Report

Profiles data are collected from self-administered questionnaires from the principal and the lead health education teacher at each sampled school. In 2020, 44 states, 28 large urban school districts, and 1 territories obtained data representative of their jurisdiction. For the first time, in the 2020 cycle, nonresponse bias analyses were conducted for sites with response rates below 70% for either the principal or teacher survey or both. These analyses examined whether responding schools differed from nonresponding schools (to learn more about the analyses see page 23-24 of the CDC Report). If a site had <10 significant differences between responding and nonresponding schools for the 25 frame and auxiliary variables or if the site had a response rate of 70% or greater, data from that site were weighted to be representative of public secondary schools in the jurisdiction. Only sites with representative data are included in this report.

2020 Nebraska School Health Profile Data Reports:

Survey Summary

Weighted Principal Survey Results

Weighted Lead Health Education Teacher Survey Results

Weighted Principal Results

Healthy Schools Priority LEAs Comparison Report

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