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Physical Activity/Physical Education

A comprehensive school physical activity program supports physical education and youth physical activity. It reflects strong coordination across five components: physical education, physical activity during school, physical activity before and after school, staff involvement, and family and community engagement. Physical education is the foundation of a comprehensive program, and is an academic subject for grades PK-12. Curriculum should be based on the Nebraska physical education standards, and classes should be taught by certified or licensed teachers endorsed.

Health Education: teaching children about the factors that can influence their health, and how to make lifelong healthy choices.

Physical Education: building strong and capable adults who understand the importance of continued physical activity throughout life.

When Kids are Physically Active

GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day. GoNoodle offers several categories of videos including: curricular, mindfulness, sensory & motor skills, school life & movement type.

GoNoodleOn/Off Mindfulness Video

GoNoodleIndoor Recess Video

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans published by the CDC provides science-based guidance to help people improve their health through participation in regular physical activity.

Physical Activity Recommendations

Action for Healthy Kids – Recess before lunch resources

Peaceful Playgrounds – Recess before lunch     podcasts, Best Practices, Guides, etc

Recess before Lunch – Data & Solutions to concerns

Recess before Lunch – Implementation guide

Video – Is Recess Important for Kids? Here’s What the Research Says | Time

Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity in Schools

Physical Activity Programs

Active In the Classroom

Active Outside the Classroom (Home or After School Programs)

Targeted Age


Sanford Fit

Lessons, videos & printables

Recipes, printables, & videos

K-8th Grade


PA Videos, customize games & curricular resources

PA Videos, customize games & curricular resources

K – 5th Grade


Curriculum & Materials

Curriculum & Materials

PreK – 8th Grade




All Ages


Lessons & Activities

Lessons & Activities

K – 12th



All Ages


Stretchy Band Activity March from the Nutcracker

Hastings Public Elementary School – Watson 2nd Graders are combining music and activity!
Stretchy Band activity, from “March” – the Nutcracker

Ribbon Activity" Trepak from the Nutcracker

Hastings Public Elementary School – Watson 3rd Graders are combining music & movement!
Ribbon activity, from “Trepak” – the Nutcracker

GoNoodle Fall 2021 Report

Our eight 1801 Grant Recipients are implementing physical activity into their schools with Go Noodle!

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