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Marketing Your CTE Program

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What is CTE Month®?
CTE (Career and Technical Education) Month is a public awareness campaign that takes place each year in February.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate Career and Technical Education and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across Nebraska and the U.S. Led by a variety of CTE groups and spearheaded by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the month is organized around a tagline. CTE Month 2017, with its tagline of “Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow!,” gives you the chance to inform others of the innovation and excellence that exists within your local CTE programs and raise awareness of the crucial role that CTE plays in readying our students for careers and our nation for economic success.

How Can YOU Raise Awareness for CTE Month?
This is YOUR chance to raise awareness of your work and that of other CTE educators.  Engage all your stakeholders in the CTE conversation, from students to policymakers. Your target audiences want to know about local CTE programs as well as statewide programs.  Refine your messages to reflect that!

Resources have been developed by Nebraska Career Education, the Association for Career and Technical Education, and AdvanceCTE to help local Career and Technical educators develop and conduct activities that promote the benefits of CTE, success stories, and program achievements during CTE Month.

Share your CTE Month Activities
CTE Month is your opportunity to celebrate all things Career and Technical Education (CTE). Nebraska Career Education would love to hear about and highlight what’s happening in your community, keeping in mind this year’s theme, “Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow.”

Please send a synopsis of any activities or initiatives you have planned – such as events, video contests, awards programs, open houses showcasing CTE, etc. We’d also love to collect any photos or materials you are planning to use to promote CTE month you may have to share. 

We are partnering with the Association for Career and Technical Education Nebraska (ACTEN) and collaborating with partners to get the word out about CTE via as many communication channels as possible throughout the month. 

This is a great opportunity for you to highlight what you are doing in your community, so please feel free to share any resources and activities with us at your convenience.

Send your photos and CTE Month stories and best practices to:

Gregg Christensen
Entrepreneurship and Career Education Specialist
Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE  68509-4987
402.471.4565 (fax)


2017 CTE Month PowerPoint Template
Use this PowerPoint template to provide your stakeholders an overview of Nebraska’s Career Education System and promote the great work happening in your area.

Nebraska Career Education Model and System Overview (NCE Primer)
Learn about the incredible things happening throughout Nebraska in Career Education.

Nebraska Career Education At-A-Glance: Data and Research
Showcase Nebraska’s CTE student population and their performance in multiple areas.

Nebraska Career Education Programs of Study 2016-2017
View the current State Model Programs of Study in Nebraska for all six career fields.

Identify helpful ways to tell your story and how it relates to the vision and mission of Nebraska Career Education.

How can I get involved in CTE Month?
Capitalize on the many opportunities educators, students, administrators, counselors, parents, and businesses have to get involved during CTE month.

Communicating with the Media
Tell your story about the innovation and leadership in your CTE classrooms during CTE Month.

Engaging Policymakers
Engage your elected representatives, including mayors, city managers, county executives, state legislators, governors, and Congress.

Working with Business and Industry Leaders
Engage with business leaders in your area during CTE Month to strengthen the mutually beneficial partnership between business/industry and education.

CTE Month Success Stories
See how other educational institutions, businesses, and governments all over the country held events during CTE Month in 2016.

CTE Month Calendar
View the Association of Career and Technical Education’s (ACTE) calendar for a list of their partner organizations who will hold their own outreach events during CTE Month 2017.

CTE Month 2017 Video PSA Contest
View ACTE’s CTE Month 2017 Video Public Service Announcement contest winners.

Nebraska Career Tours Flyer

Nebraska Career and Technical Student Organization CTE Month links (coming soon)

CTE Month 2017 logo (for download)