Perkins Grant Monitoring

The following documents have been prepared to assist the staff of the Nebraska Department of Education in monitoring approved projects of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.

Please note,  the files here are representative of Perkins IV. New manuals pertaining to Perkins V coming soon.

The monitoring process, which should occur twice within a five-year period, has the following purposes:

  1. Determine compliance with the assurances listed in the local application.
  2. Evaluate progress toward the goals identified in the local application.
  3. Verify that programs that have been approved as meeting program standards are in compliance.
  4. Review progress toward meeting core indicators.
  5. Provide technical assistance for meeting the goals identified in the local application.

For additional information about the monitoring process, please review the grant monitoring guide which represents your sub-recipient status.

Monitoring Manuals

Additional Resources

NDE Grant Monitor List (by sub-recipient):

Microsoft Word versions of Monitoring Manual:

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