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NCE Perkins Management Guide



February 1  Intent to Participate/Programs of Study Forms Due

May 30 Amendment submissions to the 2017-2018 Perkins Basic Grant due

June 30 NSSRS Data Submission for the Programs Fact:Career Education and Post School Survey due

TBD Local Application for Perkins Basic Grant due to NDE

July 1 Grant Award Notification (GAN) for ¼ of annual allocation will be available online after the local application from the local education agency (LEA) has been received at NDE and approved for funding by NCE administrative staff.

September 15  2017-2018 Perkins Final Narrative Report and FInal Claim due to NDE

October 1 Amended Grant Award Notification for the full annual allocation becomes available online to LEA if final report, performance measures data, and final claims have been received and approved by NDE. Check the GMS to obtain the latest Grant Award Notification.


Reimbursement Requests: Reimbursement requests are made through the GMS. Requests for reimbursements can be for up to 75% of the entire grant before the final report information is required. Claims over 50% of the Grant Award Notification require financial documentation to be included with the claim.