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NEBRASKA TEACH UPDATE 03/26/2020:  The Nebraska TEACH system is still being adjusted to meet the needs of our Nebraska teachers.  All application types except name changes are able to be submitted at this time.

We are still processing applications and working at the office and remote locations at this time.  Our office may have a limited capacity for returning or answering phone calls for the foreseeable future.  Questions can be directed to an assigned analyst or to    If you have an application in the system, please allow for 4-6 weeks for processing as we continue to work through the transition to Nebraska TEACH.

For those who may have questions about the new system such as how to register, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been established.  The document can be accessed at  We will continue to update this information as your questions are asked through email and phone messages.

Section A

I want to be a Nebraska Educator and I have never held any Nebraska Certificate

Teaching Certificates and Permits
Teaching Certificates & Permits


Administrative Certificates and Permits
Administrative Certificates & Permits

Special Services Certificates and Permits
Special Services Certificates & Permits

Section B

I am a Nebraska Educator and want to renew, update or advance my Certificate


Section C

State Requirements

Section D


Section E

Detailed Certification Information

Section F

Protocol for Administrators

teacher certificat link link to Administrative Certificates and Permits Link to Special Services Certificates and Permith

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