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2018/19 School District Budget Alert [07/26/2018]

  • With the transition to the ESSA coding this upcoming year, be sure to include the costs related to SPED services which will be coded in the 2100’s beginning with the 2018-19 school year (Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists, Psych Services, Speech Path/Audiologist, Visually Impaired) in the 1200’s on the General Fund Worksheet. This will assure those costs will continue to be identified as part of the SPED Budget for the purpose of the expenditure exclusion.  If the SPED services in the 2100’s are not included in the 1200’s, your SPED budget on the LC2 and 2018-19 Budget Adopted worksheet will not be correct. This is for budgeting purposes only. The coding is not changing but needs to be included with the 1200’s during the budget process to be calculated properly.


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