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Property Tax Authority

2024/25 Certified Property Tax Authority

The 2024/25 Property Tax Authority Document (provided in pdf and excel) is the Certified amount of Property Taxes each district can request in total for the General and Special Building fund.  The certification includes the calculated property tax authority with the additional amount that can be accessed with 70% board approval.

Details of the calculation including the source and years of information used

The list of AFR accounts used in the General and Special Building Fund to calculate “Other Non-Property Tax Revenue



  • Bryce Wilson at (402) 471-4320 or,
  • Michelle Cartwright at (402) 450-0867 or,
  • Stephanie DeGroot at (402) 540-0649 or
  • Theresa Haarberg: (402) 450-1418 or


Updated May 23, 2024 10:47am