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Census Report Instructions

2024 School District Census Report

The School District Census Report provides the Department of Education with a count of children ages 5 – 18 that reside in a school district as of June 30. This information is used in the calculation of several types of state and county funding sources distributed to public school districts.

By July 1, the 2024 School District Census Report will be available through the NDE Portal, under the Data Collections tab.

The due date for the submission of the School District Census Report is July 10, 2024. The Census Report Data Audit Window will be open from July 11 – July 20 for any necessary corrections. Districts not meeting the July 10 due date must receive NDE approval in order to submit their census data late.

Program Contacts:

  • Theresa Haarberg:  (402) 450-1418 or
  • Stephanie DeGroot: (402) 540-0649 or
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