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Pupil Transportation

FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Requirement for Entry-Level Drivers Beginning February 7, 2022

NHSTA position on the installation of barriers in school buses to minimize the spread of COVID-19.


Pupil Transportation Mask Requirement (08/03/2021)

Although there is disagreement at the Federal level on whether masks are required to be used on school buses, it is NDE’s position based on the letter linked below, that masks are recommended but not required. This position is based on the President’s Executive Order excluding school buses from the mask requirement imposed on other domestic modes of transportation.  It is possible the President could change this directive in the future so it’s important that all districts continue to follow the latest information and requirements related to COVID-19.

Statement On Executive Order Regarding Wearing Masks


New Guidance:  Pupil Transportation and Summer School (posted 03/04/2021)


Busing on the Lookout Program (posted 07/31/2019)

Pupil Transportation Checklist (07/01/2020)

2021/22 Pupil Transportation Reminders (revised 12/21/2021)

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Testing Information (04/28/2020)

New Federal CDL Requirements (effective 07/08/2015)

NHSTA School Bus Driver In-Service Series

“Certified Medical Examiner” Requirement / Obstructed Sleep Apnea Studies

Child Passenger Safety

Best Practices for Use of Booster Seats

Driver Requirements (Federal and State requirement matrices)

Driver Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspection Process

Mileage Reimbursement

Rules 91 & 92

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