NSCAS Mathematics

NSCAS-Math Reference Sheets (for use with NSCAS-Math Practice Tests and Operational Tests):

Updated for 2018 NSCAS Math

Grade 4 Grade 6
Grade 5 Grade 7


Grade 4 Grade 6
Grade 5 Grade 7


NSCAS Math Table of Specifications 

Grade 7



The information below was developed for the NeSA assessment, but is still applicable for NSCAS 2018.

 NeSA CCR Math Table of Specifications Crosswalks

NeSA CCR Math Paper/Pencil Practice Test


Spanish Version


NeSA CCR Math Item & Scoring Samplers

NeSA Math Samplers


Math Transition Presentations/PowerPoints

October 2016 NeSA Math Presentation

October 6, 2016 Math Transition

 2017 NeSA-Mathematics Calculator Policy