Robust Infrastructure

Robust Infrastructure GearPrimary Objective: Establish a technology ecosystem to ensure every school exceeds industry-connectivity standards.

Focus areas:
~ Identify and make available resources to provide every school with access to high speed, high capacity internet.
~ Collaborate with local and regional organizations to insure every district and school has the IT capacity needed to support their infrastructure.


The Future Ready Nebraska Council has developed several goals to guide the work of this gear in Nebraska.  These goals are listed below and will be further developed in the Nebraska Digital Learning and Ed. Tech, plan which is currently under development.

  1. All students will have access to Internet resources during non-school hours to achieve equity of access.
  2. All Districts will be connected to a statewide single sign-on system, with access to associated resources.
  3. Robust Infrastructure Gear Team will encourage 100% of public school districts to leverage Category 2 E-rate funding to upgrade their internal networking and Wi-Fi.
  4. The State of Nebraska and University of Nebraska will procure and contract for up to six segments of 10Gbps wave services for a northeast Nebraska backbone fiber loop.
  5. Digital learning is adequately funded and fully integrated across multiple budget areas, including instruction, building facilities, technology, staffing, utilities, etc., where appropriate.