Data & Privacy

Data and Privacy GearPrimary Objectives: Provide useful and meaningful data to leaders and educators to support instruction and decisionmaking.  Articulate clear expectations relating to the privacy of student data.

Focus areas:
 ~ Align state data systems to reduce redundancy, streamline data collection and facilitate analysis and use of data.
     ~ Make data a two-way street; provide meaningful data back to districts in user-friendly reports.
     ~ Communicate the state’s policy for its use of student data.
     ~ Ensure all stakeholders – districts, educators, parents and vendors – understand all applicable laws and regulations related to student data privacy.


The Future Ready Nebraska Council has developed several goals to guide the work of this gear in Nebraska. These goals are listed below and will be further developed in the Nebrsaka Digital Learning and Ed. Tech. plan which is currently under development.

  1. Adopt and sustain policies protecting privacy and security of student data and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Collect and provide data in efficient and meaningful ways to support instruction and decision-making and minimize the reporting burden of school districts.
  3. Provide resources, communication and training to inform and equip stakeholders to keep student data private and secure.